Document Translation


PT IF INTERNATIONAL’s tri-language translation service include Indonesia, English and Chinese. Started in 2013, our translation service was initially in accordance with IF International’s mission of providing support to Chinese enterprises developing in Indonesia. At the beginning, a translation division was set up to provide both document and oral tri-language translation, i.e, Chinese, English and Indonesian. Along with the expansion of IF International and the raising demand of high quality document translation service, IF International decided to concentrate on high quality document translation (English, Chinese, and Indonesian).

Along its journey, IF International has established a strong team of professional translators. Through sticking to its principle of using professional translators who speak target language as their mother tongue, IF translation can gurantee the translation result to be authentic. Within three years, IF translation has cooperated with dozens of companies and translated hundreds of thousand of pages of documents covering various industries. The high quality translation result and efficiency of our translation devision has gained high recognition and compliment from our clients and business partners. Documents that have been translated include laws and regulations, tender documents,etc. which have helped our clients in making precise decisions and business development.

Translation Service

  1. Translation Result Standards. English/Indonesian : Courier New 12pt, 2 paragraph spacing, A4b size. Mandarin: Simsum body 12pt, 2 paragraph spacing, A4 size
  2. Clients must provide data that needs to be translated clearly, either in word, excel, pdf, or scanned results and emailed to:
  3. The total translation price is calculated based on the number of pages of the final translation result; The estimated pages given in our offer are not 100% correct, there will be a slight difference with the actual number of pages.
  4. After the IF Language Center sends the offer to the client, the client is required to pay a down payment of 50% as a token and send proof and confirmation via email. After the IF Language Center receives proof of down payment and confirmation from the client, translation work will begin immediately.
  5. The number of translation pages per day is 10 pages, if it exceeds 10 pages per day then the IF Language Center will add a 30% fee to the cost of accelerating translation work (this provision will also be adjusted to the real conditions at the time the order is confirmed).
  6. Documents that must be completed in less than 24 hours will be charged twice as much.
  7. If the translation reaches 50 pages or more, the client will get a 5% discount, and if it exceeds 100 pages, he will get a 10% discount.
  8. Clients are required to pay the remaining payment within 7 days after the invoice is sent to the client via email.

Guarantees and Commitments

Confidentiality Guarantee

Within 7 x 24 hours after the client receives the translated document and does not submit a complaint or request for correction, we will immediately delete all related documents from our database to further guarantee the confidentiality of documents from clients and IF International collaboration partners.

Quality Assurance

Our team is a local translator, so the translation results are easy to understand and do not lose the true meaning. Our translation results have received recognition from our clients and business partners.

Time Guarantee

If Force Majeure (flood, earthquake, weather changes and other things beyond our control) occurs and results in us being unable to complete the translation on time, then we will look for a solution first to complete it on time before providing another alternative solution to the client as a final alternative solution .

After Service Guarantee

IF International provides a guarantee of 7 working days after handover. If the client feels that some parts of the translation result are ambiguous or inaccurate, the client can mark it and send it back to IF International for correction within the time limit.