Textbook+MP3 CD – 200RMB

《Bahasa Indonesia Dasar》 as IF International main teaching material has succeeded in serving hundreds of Chinese companies in Indonesia also has overcome the language barrier of Chinese expatriates, and to improve Chinese companies even better in Indonesia.

This book starts from basic pronunciation to 11 daily conversations one might encounter in Indonesian daily lives. Having experienced more than 3 years of teaching Indonesian, we came up with the most practical learning method, using the simplest way to explain the key points of Indonesian grammar throughout the book.

Educational CD also aids students in learning the correct pronunciation. Also, at the end of every chapter we have exercises to create a better understanding of the chapter.

Supporting educational DVD – 250RMB

Supporting educational DVD thoroughly discusses every chapter, to help a better and deeper understanding of the《Bahasa Indonesia Dasar》。(As a supporting material for our《Bahasa Indonesia Dasar》,the DVD cannot be purchased separately。)

Chinese-Indonesian mini dictionary – 25RMB

Chinese-Indonesian mini dictionary is your helper in learning Indonesian!

Half-year WeChat class – 100RMB

WeChat class and DVD are designed to help in learning Indonesian。 WeChat class will be held once a week, a teacher will be assigned to explain basic Indonesian deeper, help student’s self-study, to help answer students’ question.(WeChat class and DVD cannot be bought individually)

The whole set will only cost you 575 RMB,you can enjoy the program that we set up to guarantee maximum learning experience.

Whole package discount:By following our platform(艾孚语言中心 or if_language),you will get 100 RMB discount directly for the whole package. The whole package is only 475 RMB, consists of: book, CD, DVD, mini dictionary and WeChat class (Indonesian shipping only)

IF student 20% off:Any current or existing IF students with IF Alumni Card can buy “ + CD” and DVD with 20% off (if bought separately)

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