Payment Account

Bank : Bank Central Asia, PT
Account No. : 6370311771
Account Name : PT IF International
NPWP : 66.879.602.2-047.000
Swift code : CENAIDJA


Terms and Conditons

*please read the terms and conditions below carefully. Upon sending us a confirmation email, client has agreed to the terms and conditions below, and further complaints regarding the clauses below will not be processed. Thank you for your cooperation

  1. Translation result standard
    a. English/Indonesia : Courier New 12pt, double space, A4 Size
    b. Chinese : Simsum body 12pt, double space, A4 Size
  2. Customer has to provide a clear data that wants to be translated in one of these formats: word, excel, pdf, or scan result and email it to:;
  3. The total price to be paid will be calculated from the sum pages of translation result; our initial estimation of the total translation result pages may not be 100% correct, slight differences in the total pages calculation might occur.
  4. After an initial offer is sent, client will be expected to pay 50% deposit and send the proof and confirmation through email to IF International. Only after receiving both then the translation work can be started.
  5. The limit for total translation pages per day is 10pages. When exceeding 10 pages per day, an extra 30% from the standard price will be charged (adjustments might be made depending on the conditions of the order)
  6. Documents that need to be translated in less than 24hours will be charged double the standard price;
  7.  If the translation result reaches 50 pages and more, client will be eligible for 5% discount; if the translation result reaches 100 pages and more, client will be eligible for 10% discount.
  8. Client has to pay the remaining balance within 7days after the invoice is sent through email.