PT IF INTERNATIONAL’s tri-language translation service include Indonesia, English and Chinese. Started in 2013, our translation service was initially in accordance with IF International’s mission of providing support to Chinese enterprises developing in Indonesia. At the beginning, a translation division was set up to provide both document and oral tri-language translation, i.e, Chinese, English and Indonesian. Along with the expansion of IF International and the raising demand of high quality document translation service, IF International decided to concentrate on high quality document translation (English, Chinese, and Indonesian).

Along its journey, IF International has established a strong team of professional translators. Through sticking to its principle of using professional translators who speak target language as their mother tongue, IF translation can gurantee the translation result to be authentic. Within three years, IF translation has cooperated with dozens of companies and translated hundreds of thousand of pages of documents covering various industries. The high quality translation result and efficiency of our translation devision has gained high recognition and compliment from our clients and business partners. Documents that have been translated include laws and regulations, tender documents,etc. which have helped our clients in making precise decisions and business development.