IF International is a team who is high spirited and full of energy. Our goal is to be the best language service provider in Indonesia. We are expanding at the moment; hence we are inviting new talents to join us.


Indonesian Teacher
• 35 years old maximum
• Experienced in teaching
• Responsible, high spirited, has a warm personality
• Has a good communication skill

Chinese – Indonesian translator
Requirements :
• Has prior experience
• Has a good document translating skill
• Proficient in using software related to translating
• Thorough, serious, and responsible

If interested, can send cv to the email below:
Amber (

IF International opens a cooperation opportunity for sworn translation services of diploma and transcript for schools’ foreign students, especially the Chinese ones. We are ready to cooperate and provide Chinese-Indonesian sworn translation for students as well.
In addition, we also open cooperation opportunities with schools by providing opportunity for its students who are interested in doing part-time jobs at IF International to gain working experience. Eligible candidates can be recruited as IF International’s junior translator, with advantages like: gaining experience, improving one’s ability, and as a stepping stone in entering the workforce later in the future. .